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TorchShips - Real 3-D Space Combat.

TorchShips - Real 3-D Space Combat.

Game News - posted by Trash on Wed 6 June 2012, 20:26:45

Tags: Kickstarter; TorchShips

Loved games like Homeworld, Rules of Engagement 2 and Frontier? Well, then give this kickstarter a look. Why should you? Well...

This isn't your grandpa's space fighter. You're not looking out a grimy cockpit window using a joystick to kill an enemy a kilometer away who flies like they're an airplane in an atmosphere.

You are the captain of a TorchShip - powered by a Gaseous core fission / nuclear thermal reaction drive and armed with nuclear missiles, laser cannons, and a kinetic lance. You will maneuver in 3-D space in a crowded gravity well and engage hostiles at ranges of up to 20,000 kilometers.

• 3-D combat & UI - space is not flat, and neither is TorchShips.
• Newtonian physics - your ship maneuvers in 3-D space using a reaction drive.
• Damage & Systems control - detailed damage model and systems control - you'll have to manage heat build up, fuel, and reaction mass levels.
• Weapons include your own reaction drive, kinetic lance, missiles/mines, and laser cannons.
• Procedurally generated single and multi-player campaigns against human and non-human opponents.
• Fast set up skirmish modes.
• Crew development
• Customize your ship, name and weapon/system load-out.
• FTL is used to link scenarios and battles. (yes... we know Faster Than Light travel is handwavium - but it allows us to add many more masspoint systems and environments to the combat scenarios without bogging down in multi-year transit times...)
•A rich background with hundreds of human cultures and dozens of alien races.

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