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Endless Space gets Dusted

Endless Space gets Dusted

Game News - posted by Trash on Sun 2 September 2012, 08:02:43

Tags: Amplitude Studios; Endless Space; The Wargamer

Well, not entirely. After poring over Endless Space at The Wargamer they seem to think that the game has a lot of potential. Yet isn't quite there yet.
Endless Space is easy to recommend to players who like this type of strategy game. It’s an indie game that manages to look like a “triple A” game from any big studio, from the interface to the art direction to the music, it’s all there. And it’s only a cool thirty dust…I mean bucks. It’s an interesting and deep experience, though it doesn’t quite live up to the “just-one-more-turn” syndrome associated with this type of game. The developers also seem to be intent on improving and expanding the game through the Games2gether initiative, which allows players to vote on future improvements and changes to the game. I have high hopes for where the game might be in another year.
Hope. I like it.

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