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Fallen Enchantress goes urban

Fallen Enchantress goes urban

Game News - posted by Trash on Sun 2 September 2012, 08:29:19

Tags: Fallen Enchantress; Stardock

Or at least the latest Beta for Fallen Enchantress does. They want to focus on tinkering with how cities work this time. What's perhaps a bit more exciting to the general public is that they intend to make this Beta the first version to be on sale on steam.
Next week we expect to release an update to Fallen Enchantress. That update will be available to existing users of Fallen Enchantress and it will also be the first version available for sale on Steam (Beta 4-A).

The plan is to put out Beta 4A and then collect as much feedback as we can. Seriously, NOW is the time to ask for stuff (within reason) because when Beta 5 comes out (next month) we’ll be in feature lock-down. No new features until after release.
Interesting. There still seems to be quite some unfinished ends and a lot of fluff missing however for something so long in production. All I'm hoping for at this time is a game that is marginally more exciting than staring at an excell sheet. We'll soon be able to see.

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