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Space Sector interviews Paradox on Europa Universalis IV

Space Sector interviews Paradox on Europa Universalis IV

Development Info - posted by Trash on Tue 2 October 2012, 11:45:25

Tags: Europa Universalis IV; Paradox Interactive; Space Sector

Space Sector interviews the Paradox devs on the upcoming Europa Universalis IV.
Our plan is to retain the same basic building blocks for armies you see in Europa Universalis III. We believe it works very well and gives that blend of being able to influence your armies without too much overt micromanagement.

So in the military area, the biggest change is technological. We have removed the small incremental steps and changed them into less large steps which give your armies a clear boost. With Diplomacy we have changed the rules a bit so diplomatic actions are easier depending on relation. i.e. it is easier to declare war on a country you hate and ally with a country you like.

But the core military system will indeed be much the same, because it was one of those things that we felt worked very well in Europa Universalis III. So we applied the first rule of sequels – if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.
All in all the entire interview is giving me a distinct more of the same feel.

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