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Xcom gets the Rock Paper Shotgun treatment

Xcom gets the Rock Paper Shotgun treatment

Game News - posted by Trash on Mon 8 October 2012, 12:21:30

Tags: Enemy Unknown; Firaxis; Rock Paper Shotgun; Xcom

Alec Meer's been playing it for a bit now and presents his review on Rock Paper Shotgun. He seems to have enjoyed himself quite a bit.
The story is that I love XCOM, I’m so glad it was made and I expect to be playing it and replaying it for a long, long time to come. There are things, big and small, I would change or don’t see the reasoning for, but it all-told it does so much more than I ever thought possible, both in terms of resurrecting XCOM’s core values and making a turn-based strategy game with high-tech, 2012, thrilling presentation.

This isn’t a matter of a starving man grateful for the slimmest of pickings. XCOM is a bounteous strategy/roleplaying feast, and I’m not particularly dismayed that a couple of the side-dishes taste a bit suspect. It’s a triumph that XCOM even exists, so that it’s also bloody brilliant and thoroughly modern with it excites me to introverted core. X-COM’s tiny, precious world has seen many unwelcome invaders over the years, but trust me – this one comes in peace.

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