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The Old Gods stirr

The Old Gods stirr

Game News - posted by Trash on Tue 5 February 2013, 08:17:47

Tags: Crusader Kings II; Paradox Interactive; The Old Gods

Some more information has been revealed about Paradox's next viking and pagan themed expansion for Crusader Kings II. I was wondering how they were going to overpower the pagans in The Old Gods and this little blurb from a Rock Paper Shotgun article seems to give the answer.
Details are scarce but I did speak with members of the studio about raids and Viking bands. Raids sound like a sort of terror event, with bands sprouting from the woodlands and wilds once a trigger is hit, falling under the leadership of a nearby ruler. Their numbers are not tied to the provinces that leader controls, so they can quickly become overwhelming.
Sounds like we'll finally be able to have a proper Wend uprising. Here's a groovy trailer.

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