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Grogheads reviews Xcom: Enemy Unknown

Grogheads reviews Xcom: Enemy Unknown

Review - posted by Trash on Thu 7 February 2013, 08:24:03

Tags: Firaxis; Grogheads; XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Wargaming site Grogheads further cement their grognard image by having a jubilant review of Xcom: Enemy Unknown. Wait, what?
I can remember playing the original XCOM when it was first released. It could be a devil to play and win – just when I thought I was making progress in one area the aliens would introduce some kind of new technology or invade my base. They were always just one step ahead. I have played the new XCOM from start to successful finish on the Normal difficulty level (there are four, the next higher level is “Classic”). The normal level of difficulty was quite satisfying and challenging, but allowed me to eventually win without the frustration that the old XCOM gave me.
Ah. So that explains that.

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