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March of the Eagles is released

March of the Eagles is released

Game News - posted by Trash on Wed 20 February 2013, 15:00:20

Tags: March of the Eagles; Paradox Interactive

Paradox has let loose the Napoleonic scrapper March of the Eagles. While I'm told that the multiplayer is excellent I'm not certain it will hold up for longer play. Especially in singleplayer. Do tell me I'm wrong.

Take control of one of the great powers of Europe and push for land and naval dominance in a decade swirling with fire, smoke and dark acts of betrayal as each nation pushes towards its objectives.

Set at the height of the Napoleonic Wars, March of the Eagles is a wargame friendly to newcomers to Paradox Development Studio's stable of award-winning strategy titles, while still having the streamlined diplomacy perfect for cutthroat scheming for both newcomers and veterans alike. Go forth to the battlefield and take on your friends and rivals in multiplayer games for up to 32 players, that will have you not talking to each other for weeks afterwards.​

So, a new lite Paradox title such as Sengoku or a game that can stand on its own?

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