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Ages of Wonders III info starts trickling in

Ages of Wonders III info starts trickling in

Game News - posted by Trash on Wed 6 March 2013, 08:56:48

Tags: Age of Wonders III; Triumph Studios

After learning that Triumph Studios has started development on Age of Wonders III thanks in part to a nice cash injection by Notch, more info has come trickling in. Lots of rumors through forums and the like that hint at smaller maps, 6 to 8 races, dlc campaigns, the return of heroes and units now being represented as regiments. StrategyInformer got some more information from the horse's mouth with this interview.

Strategy Informer: You’ve dubbed it a modern reimaginging of AoW, how much will fans of the Age of Wonders games recognise?

Lennart Sas: Age of Wonders III absolutely stays true to its turn-based roots, with its mix of sweeping fantasy strategy, empire building and role playing mechanics. The game maintains its focus on detailed combat mechanics and multiplayer modes. Signature features such as the terrain modification and tactical combat system all remain.

Next to keeping the core gameplay systems intact, we also want to recapture the atmosphere of the originals, especially feel of the first one which many fans thought was the most magical. We are very happy to have gotten a lot of the original team together, including externals such as musician Michel van den Bos and writer Raymond Bingham.​


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