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A return to the age of Age of Empires II?

A return to the age of Age of Empires II?

Development Info - posted by oscar on Tue 12 March 2013, 09:43:10

Tags: Age of Empires II; HD; remake


One of the most loved RTS in the history of the genre has been getting a lot of fresh attention lately. Despite being 13 years old, a Steam-based remake of Age of Empires II promising enhanced graphics, higher resolution and vastly more reliable in-built multiplayer (though the game is still frequently played on GameRanger and cash-based tournaments exist) is set for release on the 10th of April. Is this a cynical, low-risk (editing resolutions and making the water shiny-looking can't be costing Hidden Path Entertainment too much) ploy based upon exploitation of nostalgia or will fresh life be breathed into an old classic as hordes of fans return to a genre-defining and hugely popular classic?

Hopefully we'll see fantastic mods like Forgotten Empires and Age of Chivalry quickly ported.

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