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The Wrath of Odin

The Wrath of Odin

Development Info - posted by Trash on Mon 8 April 2013, 13:18:34

Tags: Crusader Kings II; Paradox Interactive; The Old Gods

A new dev diary for The Old Gods shows up and tells us about raiding, razing and rampaging. As is befitting for a dlc generally aimed at pagans and vikings in particular. Looking especially forward to holdings actually suffering damage when plundering armies decide to torch them to the ground.

The fort level in Holdings has another effect on raiding; it can protect a part of the wealth bar. Unfortunately for the defenders, this protection is of course lost if the raiders actually manage to occupy the local castles, cities and temples. Even worse, when raiders successfully siege down a Holding, there is a chance that some of its buildings are destroyed. In fact, the entire Holding can be razed to the ground, although this is a rare event. The raiders will get much loot from cracking open such golden eggs in addition to draining the wealth bar dry.​

Muhahahah. Ahum, thanks to Redscum for pointing this one out to me!

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