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A new East vs West dev diary is up

A new East vs West dev diary is up

Game News - posted by Trash on Thu 11 April 2013, 07:44:41

Tags: East vs. West; Paradox Interactive

Paradox' upcoming take on the Cold War sheds some light on politics in this dev diary. What I personally like is that East vs. West also takes into account such things like national identity and elections.

People now have a culture and a religion, but what would they wish from their nation? What would they want you as to focus on and how? Some nations aspire for territory, like for example Israel in 1948 and thus have a national identity linked to territorial expansion, while at the same time your people could also have an attitude towards the rest of the world which can range from imperialism to non-interventionism. Combined with culture and religion, these factors make up for a quite detailed description about how the country will appear and act in the game world. Once again, your ethics and your ability to form a political strategy will be tested. Will you be a loving parent or a monster or perhaps both? We supply you with the tools to make the laws to discipline your people’s desires or help them achieve their ambitions.​

Do still wonder how they want to portray all those little brush fire wars in Africa and something like the Vietnam war.

Thanks to Hellraiser for pointing this one out to me!

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