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Rise of Prussia goes Gold!

Rise of Prussia goes Gold!

Game News - posted by Trash on Wed 15 May 2013, 08:22:53

Tags: AGEOD; Matrix Games; Rise of Prussia; Slitherine

What? Wasn't this game already released years ago? Yup, but now Ageod have decided to apply a nice layer of polish to it and re-release it as Rise of Prussia Gold. Lots of new features and scenarios should lure you in. For those who already own the original game there is an Upgrade Kit to update the game. Anyone else can get it at the Matrix and Slitherine stores.

Rise of Prussia Gold includes 2 years worth of updates and fixes, improvements and even some great new features and adds 3 new scenarios to this strategy classic.

• Over two hundred new leaders (with individual portraits) for the War of Austrian Succession
• New unit graphics
• New Scenarios
- 1741 Maria-Theresa At Bay (Second Silesian War)
- 1744 The Empire Strikes Back (Second Silesian War)
- four-players Grand Campaign Scenario 1757-1763
• New Feature - Regional Decision Cards: these allow you to interact with the game by playing decision cards on the map. The system has been developed and improved from other AGEOD titles, and all existing scenarios have been updated with them,
• New Map Filters, to allow you to check weather and terrain,
• More unit features to better represent 18th century siege warfare​

And apparantly turn processing speed is way better now.

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