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Fancy being a wage slave in the gaming industry?

Fancy being a wage slave in the gaming industry?

Company News - posted by Trash on Thu 13 June 2013, 07:00:36

Tags: AGEOD; Matrix Games; Slitherine

Well, then here is your chance. Ageod/Slitherine/Matrix/Evil Wargaming Overlords are looking for a producer. Basically a guy who can talk all day about artwork, game mechanics and design stuff. Yup, what you do on the forum but with an actual paycheck included. Or so they say. Anyway, check it out.

Matrix Games / Slitherine / AGEOD are recruiting AGAIN!

We are looking for a Producer to join our ever expanding team at our offices in Epsom, Surrey. Applicants should have a sound knowledge of all aspects of the turn based strategy genre and ideally will be a fan and player of our games. Previous experience in the industry is not a prime requirement. It is much more important that you understand these types of game and be able to analyze what makes them work

Our Producers are very much engaged with our developer partners from the very earliest stages of game development and should be able to provide supportive comment and feedback on all aspects of Game design, UI, Artwork, Marketing and just about any aspect where a developer may need advice. Age is not a criteria here, so If this is a role that might interest you please send over a CV to as quickly as possible.​

Go spam that inbox before Prosper does.

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