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Rock Paper Shotgun does a Incognita interview

Rock Paper Shotgun does a Incognita interview

Interview - posted by Trash on Wed 3 July 2013, 07:43:30

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Klei Entertainment, known best from plucky dimension traveling tinkering and wilderniss survival game Don't Starve are working on Incognita. A turn-based tactical espionage game that's apparently all about information and looking a lot like a certain ufo game. Rock Paper Shotgun has a pretty short interview with Klei co-founder Jamie Cheng. Here's the most interesting snippet.

RPS: Based on the perspective, it looks tactical. There’s also a big grid, so I’m guessing turn-based tactical, ala XCOM. And the name Incognita makes it sound espionage-y, so is it centered around that sort of thing?

Cheng: You are… frickin’ spot on. That’s exactly what it is: turn-based tactical espionage.

The game is already playable. We’re gonna do the same thing we did for Don’t Starve. People are gonna be able to play it early while it’s still in development [and offer feedback]. Don’t Starve was this weird experiment that blew up to be just amazing. We wanted to build a community. I knew that. And I wanted to work with them and talk with them all the time. Don’t Starve ended up a way better game because of the community.

So same thing. Incognita is again an evolving game. I think that a game like Mark of the Ninja would’ve been much harder to have the community involved. If players just had to replay the same level or something, I think that’d get pretty boring. And of course there’s the story, which would’ve gotten spoiled. So it’s a big difference.​

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