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Matrix reveal their new lineup at Historicon

Matrix reveal their new lineup at Historicon

Editorial - posted by Trash on Mon 22 July 2013, 09:46:33

Tags: Historicon; Matrix Games; Slitherine

Last week Matrix/Slitherine was part of the grand grognard Historicon conference. We send Absalom there to delve into the whole neckbeard side of things and are eagerly awaiting his findings. Meanwhile however Matrix has posted lists of their upcoming games on their own forums. Here and here. Lots of Ipad games and sequels together with quite some surprises. Apparantly Lock and Load: Heroes of Stalingrad is not vaporware and is getting a release. Also nice to see that the indie fantasy wargame Drums of War which looked neat but had atrocious engrish is now part of the Matrix stable. That should at the very least mean a better translation. Anyway, check it out for yourself.

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