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Incognita Early Access and Gameplay Trailer

Incognita Early Access and Gameplay Trailer

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 16 September 2013, 08:26:34

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According to the press release we've received, Incognita, Klei Entertainment's "turn-based tactical espionage game", is available for early access (alpha) preorder for $16.99* (or $19.99* with soundtrack), coming with an alpha gameplay trailer:

Pre-Order Incognita & Play the Alpha Now!

We're excited to announce that Incognita is now available for pre-order! By placing your pre-order you'll receive immediate access to the Steam Alpha version of the game immediately. If you have already purchased physical codes from PAX, your codes are now redeemable on Steam. Full details on the game's website.

We wanted to take a few days to insure everything was functioning correctly before we emailed everyone, but all systems are go. This is the first of many regular content updates as we push towards release in 2014.

The main website now contains a new cinematic trailer and a pre-order widget. Over the next few updates this website will be expanded to include game information, screen shots, gameplay footage, an archive of update release notes and community spot-lights.

For more info on what we mean by "Alpha" and estimates system requirements, please check out this post on the Klei Community Forums.

...Welcome to Incognita.​

*As Metro reminds us below, you get TWO copies of the game for that price so it's $8.50 each if you split it with someone.

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