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World in Flames 1.05 patch released

World in Flames 1.05 patch released

Game News - posted by Whisky on Tue 10 December 2013, 13:38:18

Tags: Matrix Games; World in Flames


A new update (1.05) for World in Flames has been released providing, among other things, a fix for a serious save restoration glitch.

• Added more information to the error message when the program is unable to access the Seeking Opponent database. This helps identify the underlying problem.
• Fixed a problem in the reinforcement phase where if a carrier air unit were loaded onto a carrier and then repositioned elsewhere, it was not removed from the first carrier and ended up appearing in multiple locations.
• Added code to restrict the placement of new factories on the map to home countries.
• Removed conditional clauses that may have left a flag mistakenly set so the message “Please wait, updating Units in Hex panel.” would appear and never go away. This problem effectively halted play.
• Fixed a fatal problem with Production when using Unlimited Breakdown and there were units in the Breakdown Pool that had to be reformed. The program does not permit a corps/army unit to remain in the Breakdown Pool if there are divisions in that pool which can be used to reform the corps/army.
• Fixed a typo in the code that was causing a fatal error when using 3 monitors.

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