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Caesar in Gaul DLC expansion for Total War: Rome II released + Patch 8

Caesar in Gaul DLC expansion for Total War: Rome II released + Patch 8

Game News - posted by Whisky on Tue 17 December 2013, 18:13:15

Tags: Caesar in Gaul; Creative Assembly; Sega; Total War: Rome II

The standalone DLC expansion, Caesar in Gaul, for Total War: Rome II has been released.

Along with that, patch 8 is available for download.


  • It is now possible to levy units from satrapies and client states. This works in a similar manner to mercenaries, but these units have normal recruitment and upkeep costs, and come from the locally available unit roster.
  • Infantry and cavalry units now have different campaign movement extents. Infantry units are slower than before, while cavalry units are faster than before. Armies always move at the speed of the slowest unit. Now cavalry-only armies actually move faster.
  • Cinematic borders can now be displayed in campaign and battle by pressing [ALT] + [K] keys (by default).
  • New industrial building chain: Quarry and mine buildings are now available for construction in minor settlements for all factions.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the AI from blockading the Brundisium port.
  • Improved cultural conversion mechanics.
  • Exempting a province from tax now sets its food consumption to zero (this wasn’t previously registering).
  • In Multiplayer Campaign mode, when a player-owned settlement is attacked by the AI, the player will no longer have the option to sally forth, when the ‘fight manual battles’ option is disabled.
  • Improved disembarkation areas in some coastal battle maps.
  • Special abilities in battle have undergone rebalancing.
  • Changed victory conditions in grand campaign for all playable factions. The number of regions the player needs to control in order to win the game has been reduced.
  • Removed a number of misleading treachery types from Diplomacy, so now a faction that breaks a treaty and then signs it again within 10 turns won’t get treachery penalties.
  • Campaign AI is now less likely to declare war on too many factions.
Full changelog here

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