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Star Lords Early Access receives big update

Star Lords Early Access receives big update

Game News - posted by Whisky on Sat 1 March 2014, 16:59:25

Tags: Star Lords; Steam Early Access

Star Lords' Early Access beta has received a big update, the biggest change of which modifies the game creation UI to make it more user-friendly.

• A new game creation screen: You now have a single menu with three tabs: Race Selection, Galaxy Settings and Game Settings. Each of these tabs has been greatly improved from the previous menus, with less cluttered and better organized information.

• Stability improvement: We implemented a series of experimental fixes that should fix most (if not all) stability issues. Regretfully, some of these experimental fixes involve temporarily removing the weapon and armor ship parts from the game. These will be reinstated in a later build. It's very important for us to know if these fixes are working on a variety of PC configurations, so any feedback on whether or not the game still crashes for you is very important for us.

• The domestic policies mechanic has been fleshed out and further balanced, with various random events having an impact on the population's approval of certain policies. Now, an event message box will pop up when the majority of the population disagrees with one of your policies.

• A new batch of bug fixes: Among them, most (if not all) of the full-screen issues (such as the screen only displaying a part of the UI for example) should be fixed, the tutorial text is no longer out of bounds and the crashes on loading a game should be gone once and for all.

• Some general balancing has been done, most importantly, every player now starts with 5000 BC, to make the early game more challenging, and exploration more rewarding, with valuable space debris having a bigger impact than before.

• Graphical Update: Improved backgrounds and updated the ship models for the Krifith Empire. More improvements in this aspect will be introduced incrementall

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