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New Invisible, Inc. update and trailer

New Invisible, Inc. update and trailer

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 13 March 2014, 18:07:32

Tags: Incognita; Invisible, Inc.; Klei Entertainment

Klei has announced a new update to the Early Access version of Invisible, Inc. (previously known as Incognita) and a new trailer to go along with it:

We're set to release a new update on March 12th. This update will focus on new depth for agents in the form of augments while creating greater challenges by forcing the agents to be more careful in their play. Guards are tougher, but you have more options to deal with them.

Key Update Details:
  • Introducing augments
  • Tier 2 guards
  • Guard stat balance
  • Guard limited patrol
  • New "hide" action
  • Tutorial level (Training Facility)
  • 360° vision
  • HUD compass
Head over to our update forum post for a full description and break down for each new feature and change.​

You can get early access to Invisible, Inc., by buying it from Klei's website.

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