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RPS Interview: Jagged Alliance: Flashback Part Two

RPS Interview: Jagged Alliance: Flashback Part Two

Interview - posted by Whisky on Fri 4 April 2014, 03:36:13

Tags: Full Control; Jagged Alliance: Flashback; Kickstarter; Rock Paper Shotgun


Rock, Paper, Shotgun has released the second part of their excellent interview with Full Control about Jagged Alliance: Flashback. For the previous part, check it out here.

RPS: You mentioned mechanics that are never properly explained earlier – I get the impression, with JA 2, that nobody quite knew when to stop. You hear about feature creep pulling people off track or delaying games, or even preventing them from releasing altogether, but JA 2 seems like a game where people kept plugging new things into it and somehow it worked, it all came together. That’s rare, right?

Lund: (laughs) Yes! It is rare and that’s one of the issues when working with something like this. Where do you stop? And so we know that what’s important to the success is to have as much modding as possible. To utilise the community that’s still around in The Bear’s Pit and similar places. We want them to be able to add all the stuff they want into it.

Right now, they are sitting and modding a 15 year old game. It’s crazy. We want to give this brand another 10-15 years by moving into a 3d engine that allows for new kinds of modding. I’m really hoping that it gets that kind of success.

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