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Europa Universalis IV 1.6 free content developer diary released

Europa Universalis IV 1.6 free content developer diary released

Game News - posted by Whisky on Mon 12 May 2014, 17:50:30

Tags: Europa Universalis IV; Paradox Interactive; Wealth of Nations


Paradox has released a developer diary on the upcoming 1.6 patch for Europa Universalis IV. While this diary is filed under the Wealth of Nations expansion tag, the content is general and will be available for everyone, regardless if they own the expansion.

Macro Build Interface
First up is a big rework of the interface we like to call the Macro Build Interface, the interface that lets you build stuff like buildings and armies by clicking on the map. It used to be that it had to tabs that allowed you to build either units of buildings. Among all the interfaces in EU4 that was the one that added the most to making the game smoother to play and we figure we could do more with it. For 1.6 we have added the following to that interface: Make Core, Change culture, Send Missionary and Harsh Treatment. To further improve usability you of course get information per province relevant to what you are trying to build, revolt risk for Harsh Treatment for example. A minor thing is that you can now more clear how much power each building will cost.

The next little improvement has to to with loans. Since people can take a lot of loans very fast we’ve noticed the need to repay a lot of loans, therefore you now have Repay All Loans button that will repay as many loans as you can currently afford.

Holy Roman Reforms
Then we are adding a specific improvement for players in the Holy Roman Empire, and thats the ability to actively vote on Imperial Reforms. You just use the checkbox to announce the highest reform that you are willing to accept.

Call Allies
And for the final improvement something that came in just recently, and thats the ability to selectively call allies into war. So if you know one of your 4 allies will refuse, just leave that box unticked.
You can check out the diary here.

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