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Pandora Steam release imminent + New Expansion

Pandora Steam release imminent + New Expansion

Game News - posted by Whisky on Tue 27 May 2014, 18:21:00

Tags: Matrix Games; Pandora: First Contact; Slitherine; Steam

Pandora's Steam release is coming up
, on May 30th, but it will also be released with a new expansion pack, "Return of the Messari."

"Return of the Messari features a brand new alien faction that will play a main role in the later stage of the game. This ancient civilization that disappeared from the Pandora planet ages ago, comes back to its birthplace to recover its property. Therefore not only the players will have to fight their way to survive on the hostile Pandora’s environment but also deal with another aggressive enemy who comes with powerful units like gigantic mechs and motherships."

"The Messari will target the stronger factions as a priority which will probably confuse the issue and change the balance of power on Pandora. As a result the players will have to take into account this new gameplay element to take advantage from this fearsome alien invasion."
Anyone who pre-purchases Pandora on Steam will receive the expansion for free. Matrix Games will also be releasing Steam keys to everyone who bought any previous version of the game.

For those interested in the game, you can check out oscar's review of it here.

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