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That Which Sleeps reaches all stretch goals. Adds more.

That Which Sleeps reaches all stretch goals. Adds more.

Game News - posted by Whisky on Tue 14 October 2014, 14:45:18

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We're happy to report that That Which Sleeps has reached all of it's stretch goals including the much-sought after Procedural Generation one.

Or at least, it did reach all of their stretch goals, because as of today there are more.

Life Goes On - At least that's what people tell themselves, and with this Asset Pack it becomes easier than ever to determine which pieces of the world are flourishing and need your corrupting presence. Trade routes will now be illustrated by caravans that ply the roads and sea, farmers will tend their fields, and workers will labor on new buildings in capitals - all modeled at the proper resolution to be able to be identified without obscuring other more salient pieces of data. This and a suite of other changes will make the world feel more alive than ever before.

The Horrors of War - Now that we've drawn the world at peace, let's give it a more appealing aesthetic. Refugees will cry in terror as they emerge from their burning homes, armies will drill beyond city limits, and your Terrorizing Challenges will emerge onto the map before you. In addition, all POIs will gain a graphical indicator of their defenses and you'll see your progress as the walls crumble.

Ritual Impact - After laboring for fifty turns to finally be able to raise a fortress into the sky, it can be a little disappointing to only see an icon on the map. We'll be taking some of the most potent Rituals and rendering them the way they deserve - lord over the world in your flying citadel, see the forbidden outlines of The Horror as it draws madness from the populace, or watch the Colossus laboriously pound the walls of your enemies' castles to ruin.

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