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Jagged Alliance 3D: The TCancer Interview

Jagged Alliance 3D: The TCancer Interview

Interview - posted by Jason on Fri 1 September 2006, 09:13:30

TCancer: How has the Game Factory Interactive consolidation affected Jagged Alliance 3D? Are all the same staff members working on the game as before?

GFI: All the changes concern administration points. The development process stays the same. Jagged Alliance 3D is still led by Max Tumin and going to be released in Autumn, 2006.

TCancer: Why won't JA3D have a strategic overlay? How is a mission-based structure more appropriate?

GFI: From the very outset, SFI decided Jagged Alliance 3D to be mission-based. It was presumed that Jagged Alliance 3 would be the next game in Jagged Alliance series whereas JA3D is just a 3D-game set in this popular universe.



TCancer: Jagged Alliance 2 has a reputation for replayability. Some people are still playing it to this day. How will JA3D continue this sort of replayability? Why would a gamer want to play through the game a second or third or fourth time?

GFI: We pay much attention to replayability. You can complete the game each time differently depending on the way you play. If you fall out with everyone you meet, don’t expect any help, and then you path will be not so easy. But if you are polite and sympathetic, you will get new friends who will do what they can to help you. By the way, a complicated system of dialogues makes this variety available.

TCancer: Explain the advanced dialog system. How will it compare with RPGs such as Fallout or Arcanum? Will you be able to use dialog options to accomplish goals within a mission?

GFI: As mentioned earlier, you can create your own “psychic aura” as the advanced system of dialogues helps you to do so. And of course, you can accomplish some missions only by using your diplomacy skills.

TCancer: What sort of secondary missions are there?

GFI: There will be different missions that you can complete in order to lighten (or complicate) your task.

TCancer: Are there any random battles or encounters?

GFI: No, there aren’t.

TCancer: We know combat will be based on action points. How can these points be used in a turn other than shooting and moving? Are there interrupts?

GFI: Yes, there will be interrupts. Action points can be used as in real-time mode: to use items, interact with the environment, talk, be treated…

TCancer: How can the destructible environment be used to the player's advantage?

GFI: For example, you can crush a part of a building and kill some unlucky enemies, hiding behind it, or use a fallen tree to hide.



TCancer: Who are some of the mercs from Jagged Alliance 2 that will show up in JA3D?

GFI: There will be 30 mercs. All of them are old-hat.

TCancer: Other than the graphical improvements and the JA franchise, how is JA3D an improvement over your last squad-level tactical game, ALFA: Antiterror?

GFI: At first, JA3D was based on the “ALFA:antiterror” engine. But during the development process it was improved so much that got its own name. “JA3D” engine is essentially differs from “ALFA:antiterror” one. Its main features are post-effects, ragdoll, fully destructible objects.

TCancer: Is GFI Russia working on or scheduled to work on Jagged Alliance 3?

GFI: No.

TCancer: Was there any consideration of including a more user friendly toolset in JA3D than the one currently planned? It seems that the requirement of making levels in 3DMax would exclude a number of potential modders.

GFI: No. We’re using 3DMax.

TCancer: We've seen more than a few squad-level tactical games coming out of Eastern Europe in recent years, such as JA3D, ALFA: Antiterror, Brigade E5, the Silent Storm series, Night Watch, and the UFO: Aftermath series. Why do you think this is? Any idea why there doesn't seem to be as much interest among North American and Western European developers?

GFI: These are hardcore games and, I guess, North American and Western European developers just switched to casual games.

TCancer would like to thank Elena Melnikova of GFI Russia for all her help.

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