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11-May-2016 Civilization VI announced and put on Steam for pre-orders
30-Jan-2015 Firaxis reveals the first footage of Sid Meier's Starships on Twitch
19-Jan-2015 Sid Meier's Starships has been announced, due this year
21-Oct-2014 Civilization: Beyond Earth available for pre-purchase + Civ V free to play temporarily
16-Oct-2014 Civilization: Beyond Earth intro cinematic revealed
3-Jul-2014 Civilization: Beyond Earth to be released October 24th
17-Apr-2014 Civilization: Beyond Earth developer panel video
12-Apr-2014 Civilization: Beyond Earth announced
5-Feb-2014 XCOM and Civ 5 to receive Complete Editions
21-Oct-2013 Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies announced
4-Sep-2013 XCOM modding tools not releasing with Enemy Within
1-Sep-2013 Sid Meier's Ace Patrol got released on Steam
27-Aug-2013 Firaxis promises XCOM: Enemy Within difficulty changes
9-Jul-2013 Civilization 5: Brave New World released in North America
2-Jul-2013 Civilization V receives Pitboss multiplayer mode
29-Jun-2013 Civilization V: Brave New World launch trailer
15-Jun-2013 E3: Civilization 5 Brave New World diplomacy trailer
7-Jun-2013 Civ V free to play this weekend
24-Mar-2013 Just when you thought it was over
15-Mar-2013 Civilization 5: Brave New World announced
11-Feb-2013 XCOM: Enemy Unknown or what could've been
7-Feb-2013 Grogheads reviews Xcom: Enemy Unknown
5-Nov-2012 Civ V gets a rather massive patch
30-Oct-2012 XCOM: Enemy Unknown throws some more aliens at you
8-Oct-2012 Xcom gets the Rock Paper Shotgun treatment
25-Sep-2012 Xcom: Enemy Unknown demo released
13-Sep-2012 Rock Paper Shotgun toys around with XCOM

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