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22-Feb-2013 Tacticular Cancer reviews Unity of Command
11-Dec-2014 Slitherine releases first Warhammer 40k: Armageddon patch
3-Nov-2014 Alea Jacta Est sneaks up on Steam
4-Sep-2014 Slitherine reveals Pike and Shot
27-May-2014 Pandora Steam release imminent + New Expansion
19-May-2014 Distant Worlds: Universe to be released May 23rd.
29-Nov-2013 Drums of War reaches beta status
22-Jul-2013 Matrix reveal their new lineup at Historicon
13-Jun-2013 Fancy being a wage slave in the gaming industry?
22-May-2013 Armageddon is scheduled to arrive in 2014
15-May-2013 Rise of Prussia goes Gold!
15-May-2013 The Eastern Front gets even bigger!
2-Mar-2013 Panzer Corps Grand Campaign '45 West is released
2-Mar-2013 HISTORY ® Legends of War should be out soon
27-Feb-2013 Pandora: First Contact Beta Preview at Space Sector
15-Feb-2013 Buzz Aldrin's Space Manager Program wants to space out with you
1-Feb-2013 Pandora: First Contact is looking for beta testers
6-Dec-2012 Ageod merges with Slitherine and Matrix. Announces AACW2.
6-Dec-2012 Panzer Corps Grand Campaign '44 West is released
16-Nov-2012 Commander: The Great War is out now
16-Nov-2012 Scourge of War: Chancellorsville is released
5-Nov-2012 Some info on Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog
5-Nov-2012 Armchair General reviews Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps
13-Oct-2012 Panzer Corps: Grand Campaign '42-'43 West gets released
5-Oct-2012 Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog slated for release in November
25-Sep-2012 The Wargamer reviews Panzer Corps Grand Campaign '45 East
2-Sep-2012 Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue gets patched to 1.02c
8-Aug-2012 Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue is a go
8-Aug-2012 Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps is released

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