Conventional Medicine’s “War on Cancer” – Examining the Truth

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Conventional Medicine’s “War on Cancer” – Examining the Truth

So much is always said and published about the supposed “War on Cancer”. Conventional medicine and its proponents would like people to believe to that we are winning the war, that we are making progress against the disease, that we are saving lives.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The whole “war on cancer” is, at best, an abject failure and, at worst, a horrible scam and crime against humanity.

The medical establishment and drug companies need people and the public to believe that things are going well. Only this way, would they stay “in power”; only this way, would donation dollars continuing flowing toward them; and, only this way, will people continue be put through their savage cancer “treatment” methods, while lining their pockets with blood-stained drug profits.

This all sounds so extreme, so hard-line. But I am not the only one who believes this to be the truth.

Read on for Tony Isaac’s article on the “war against cancer”. Tony has, I believe, done his part on educating people on safe and effective methods to deal with cancer.

Hiding the Truth About Losing the War on Cancer

by Tony Isaacs

(NaturalNews) For well over half a century we have been promised by mainstream medicine that a cure or major breakthrough for cancer was just around the corner. Every year we see promising new drugs and therapies announced. Yet every year we also see more people contract cancer and more people die of cancer.

Instead of focusing on natural and safe methods of prevention and treatment, we continue to treat by using surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to cut out, poison out and burn out the symptoms of cancer while leaving the underlying causes untreated — and we continue to largely ignore the role that proper diet, nutrition and lifestyle plays in preventing and helping cure cancer.

Although surgery does have some success against a limited number of cancers, chemo and radiation achieve at best a 3% increase in length of survival and true cures from cancer (meaning that the patient becomes completely cancer free and the cancer never returns). The fact is that for those who are diagnosed with cancer, after the third year the survival rate for those who had no treatment at all increases steadily and for those who had mainstream treatment it decreases steadily.(1)

Despite the dismal record, those in the $300 Billion a year cancer industry appear determined to maintain a stranglehold on treatment. One way they do so is to suppress natural alternatives. Another is to misreport their success rates by altering statistics to make their success appear to be much better than it actually is.

Here are six ways that mainstream medicine misreports their statistics:

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  1. Beverly

    This is so right on! It is disturbing that our society believes what these unethical or brain-washed doctors and big pharma are telling them. I know from experience that many doctors only want to prescribe drugs, they either don’t care or don’t know how much healthier we can be if we eat pure foods and use the natural aides God provided us with.


    politicans do nothing but lie to us why would the drug companies be any different.the doctors know no different they are just puppets over payed at best

  3. Ricknick

    I guess PT Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every minute. You people will believe anything you here. How many people does it take to die from these “Alternative Cancer” treatment centers. I guess it is because I live close to Seattle where the do quite a bit of experimental cancer testing. Most these other places have only testimonial but no hard facts. I have seen it over and over again, where independent agencies come in and say ok, lets see your documentation, lets see what you did step by step and they can’t produce it. I believe that 60 minutes even did a piece on the leading alternative cancer researcher and they couldn’t produce facts. I have people that would have been dead a few years ago but are now alive because of the strides they have made in cancer research, one of them has Multiple Myloma and got it at the age of 25 and this was about 7 years ago, only one of two cases ever diagnosed from someone that young getting that in the US. Normally an older persons, 65 and up disease. You can believe what you want but at least do some research. We have some very good cancer clinics here in the US and Seattle has a couple of the best.

  4. Ricknick

    There is a Cancer Alliance in Seattle between the Fred Hutchenson Cancer Center, Virginia Mason and Children’s Hospital that does some pretty ground breaking work. Don’t think they have made any strides, go visit any of them especially Children’s though and see the children there that would had died just a few years ago. It is easy to complain and buy into this hype, but none of it has been proven. Has some great testimonials, but no hard facts or documented trials. I guess I am going to have to go write myself a cancer/garage sale book to make some extra money.


  1. Discussing the “War on Cancer” | All 4 Natural Health News - [...] The medical establishment’s “war on cancer” is, at best, an abject failure. At worst, it is a disgusting scam. …

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