Healing Cervical Cancer Using Only Non-Invasive Alternative Medicine (Story)

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Healing Cervical Cancer Using Only Non-Invasive Alternative Medicine (Story)

Jill Ayn Schneider is a lady who suffered from cervical cancer and recovered using natural healing and alternative medicine. She went on to have many more healthy and fruitful years ahead, even becoming a mother, something which may not have been possible if she had undergone conventional cancer treatment.

Although her diagnosis took place many years ago, way back in 1975, the core principles of natural healing still stand today.

In 2010, she wrote this to me:

I witnessed that when given the proper environment (harmony, good food, acupuncture, herbs, meditation, yoga, rest), my body reacted positively and healed itself.

For the past 12 years I have created a program where people can come and cleanse their body, mind and spirit using natural fasting modalities, acupuncture, massage therapy, the ocean, meditation, yoga, coaching, hypnotherapy, colon hydrotherapy and self-introspection on why their disease came to be.

She also wrote:

In 1975, I was diagnosed with Malignant Cervical Cancer (Class V on two separate tests). I realized that I had to move quickly to prevent the possibility of having a Hysterectomy, which is what was recommended. Instead of anything invasive, I used Oriental Medicine, including Macrobiotics, Acupuncture, Herbs, Meditation, Castor Oil Hot Packs and mostly, learning how to love myself and be grateful for having this incredible breath and human body. Within four months, the Pap Test showed a normal reading. Two years later, I birthed my son, Aaron, who has just made me a Grandma.

On the next page is Jill Schneider’s story. Most of it first appeared in an article she wrote titled “Facing Cancer on My Own”, published in Natural Health Magazine Nov/Dec Issue, 1997.

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