Thermograms – A Safer Alternative To Mammograms

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Thermograms – A Safer Alternative To Mammograms

With the futility and dangers of mammograms slowly but surely coming to light, what is a safe and effective alternative which women can use to detect the onset of breast cancer?

Thankfully, information is increasingly available on the use of thermograms for this very purpose. Read on for Barbara’s article on thermograms.

Thermograms are a Much Safer Alternative to Mammograms

by Barbara Minton

(NaturalNews) After a lifetime of mind indoctrination and brainwashing by the disease establishment, it’s often next to impossible to break away. We have been taught throughout our lives that the answer to our physical problems resides in our doctor’s office. We’ve been made to believe that science reveals all answers and our own innate common sense is worth nothing. It is just this type of mind control that compels women to line up for mammograms, even though their common sense tells them that radiation causes cancer. The good news is that now there is a much safer alternative scientifically proven to be effective at early detection. For women who feel they must spend their time looking for lumps, two recent studies have documented the value of thermography

Breast thermography uses heat to detect abnormalities

The thermogram is a test using heat radiating from your own body to detect problems in the breast. It involves no contact with the body, no compression, and is completely painless. A thermogram combines advanced digital technology with ultra-sensitive infrared camera imaging. It does not use radiation, and can be done as frequently as anyone thinks is necessary. Thermograms work by creating infra-red images (heat pictures) that are then analyzed to find asymmetries anywhere in the chest and underarm area. Any abnormality that causes change in heat production is seen on a thermogram, so any source of inflammation such as infection, trauma to the breast, and even sun burn will cause abnormality in the thermal picture.

Breast thermography detects patterns of heat generated by the increased circulation produced by abnormal metabolic activity in cancer cells. This activity occurs long before a cancer starts to invade new tissue. A breast thermogram has the ability to identify a breast abnormality five to ten years before the problem can be found on a mammogram.

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  1. rocio

    Do you know if THERMOGRAMS are available in México?

  2. Since 2006 breast thermography is available in Mexico at CEPREC, a non for profit organization based in Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico. CEPREC has been evaluating thermography as breast cancer screening. CEPREC´s experience has been published in abstract form in the Journal of Clinical Oncology

    and in the journal US Radiology, 2010 Number 2

    You can visit our website at

    Best regards
    Francisco Gutierrez-Delgado, MD,PhD

  3. Alan Turner

    A recent article appeared in the Health Style section of the 05/13/10 issue of the Baltimore Sun newspaper–Karen Ravn’s article–”Beyond the Mammogram”–special to the Tribune Newspapers.

    No mention of Thermograms is made albeit 5 other alternatives were discussed. What is going on?????

  4. Brenda Reichow

    I just don’t understand why thermograms are not used in most medical establishments nowadys. They are considered to be accurate and so much more safer than having a mammogram – but our society just will not accept them into our medical institutions. I feel like we are backwards in our thinking process. Why would anyone want to be exposed to any radiation for health screening? We need to have a better mind-set on how to regulate our screening procedures in detecting cancer in our bodies to begin with.


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