Chemotherapy Does Not Work, Is Costly, Has Adverse Effects, And Kills

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Chemotherapy Does Not Work, Is Costly, Has Adverse Effects, And Kills

So what’s this about chemotherapy (and radiation)? What’s this about using poisonous substances to masquerade as some sort of “therapy” or “treatment”, to try to “cure” a very serious degenerative disease?

Chemotherapy and radiation are very much part of conventional medical protocols to “treat” cancer today. But they are hideous crimes against humanity, and, one day in the not too distant future, Humankind will look back on these Medical Dark Ages and wonder how such brutal and savage methods could *ever* have passed off as “treatment”.

Yes, future generations will look back, and they will either cringe, or laugh, or both.

The following article is an excellent piece on the failings and even dangers of chemotherapy. Its title is worded as a question; I would have phrased it in a stronger tone: Don’t EVER Trust Chemotherapy!

Let me sum up some points about this ridiculous “therapy”.

* It’s poison; it destroys healthy cells and makes one very sick.
* It sometimes is effective in shrinking tumors. But that’s pointless, because cancer is not a “tumor disease”; cancer is a whole body disease. Shrinking tumors does not improve quality of life nor extend life.
* Chemotherapy PROMOTES the growth of cancer.
* Chemotherapy costs a bomb; it makes pharmaceutical companies hideously rich, while escalating healthcare costs and bankrupting the sick.
* Chemotherapy kills.
* And, you know what? Chemotherapy doesn’t even work! It’s “cure” rate for cancer is close to 0%. Yes… ZERO.
* There is much evidence to show that cancer patients are much better off doing nothing, as compared to undergoing chemotherapy. Yes… NOTHING.

When a therapy or treatment which is otherwise useful or effective produces some adverse effects ‘on the side’, these are called “side effects”. With chemotherapy, the benefits are so negligible, that I don’t even think its adverse effects should be called “side effects” at all; in fact, they are just that – adverse effects!

Why in the world would anyone submit their already stricken bodies to such savage bombardment? Because of a few things. Money, arrogance, ignorance, and fear.

It’s the sad reality of the Cancer Industry today.

Can You Trust Chemotherapy to Cure Your Cancer?

by Andreas Moritz

Former White House press secretary Tony Snow died in July 2008 at the age of 53, following a series of chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer. In 2005, Snow had his colon removed and underwent six months of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Two years later (2007), Snow underwent surgery to remove a growth in his abdominal area, near the site of the original cancer. “This is a very treatable condition,” said Dr. Allyson Ocean, a gastrointestinal oncologist at Weill Cornell Medical College. “Many patients, because of the therapies we have, are able to work and live full lives with quality while they’re being treated. Anyone who looks at this as a death sentence is wrong.” But of course we now know, Dr. Ocean was dead wrong.

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  1. Candy

    I read the article above and I totally agree with it. Both my Mom and Dad were diagnosed with cancer. Both were basically healthy prior to the chemo. As soon as they both went on the chemo and radition, my Mom died in a month and my Dad died in 6 months. I think there is a cure out there for cancer but its not being used. I think it would put these oncologists out of business.

  2. JJM

    What is even more inhumane and criminal then chemotherapy is the fact that fasting often cures cancer and doctors aren’t telling. Absolutely no effort on the part of doctors is being made to educate the public on how remarkable the body is at ridding itself of diseases if only a person would take care of it properly to allow it to function correctly.

    Our man-made society has blinded nearly everyone of the truth and our bodies are severely paying for it. Cancer is caused by man, and that man doesn’t care. When you starve the body of everything except water and pure plant juices, the cancer starves and the body gets what it needs to heal and no more. The digestive system MUST shut down for this to happen. But I will reiterate, doctors aren’t telling. They are sworn to only repair or cure using only drugs. Otherwise they will let you rot and die.

    Where I come from, those aren’t doctors. They are incompetent criminals. And this accounts for the majority of all doctors. The true statistics of cancer curing through the use of fasting is so significant that one cannot ignore it without living in denial.

    I can think of at least several people I was close to that died of cancer but just might still be here today if they had known the truth.

  3. Richard

    Naive Article. Chemotherapy is indeed NOT a curative treatment and by most reputable doctors is not discussed as such. Chemo Treatment DOES STOP the clock on tumor growth and is shown to be effective DURING THE TIME YOU ARE BEING TREATED WITH IT in stopping further metastasis. The goal therefore of Chemo Therapy is to STOP THE CLOCK for a time until a course of action that may be curative can be used. In the absense of curative treatment, Chemo Therapy can only be considered Palative in nature.

    The use of Chemo in non operative situations is to shrink a tumor to a smaller size before consolidation therapy with radiation including SBRT. With this, it is clear that Cancer Cells Can be KILLED in the body with Chemo hopefully having eliminated metatatic disease or floating cells in the body.

    Agree too then that however, one must stop all treatments and attempt to allow the body to recover and hope that cancer does not immediately reappear so that there can be some progress against the disease. Chemo is a bridge to time and time ultimately is a bridge to immunotherapy but alas most of us with cancer today will die before immunotherapy is effective.

  4. paul

    Richard writes: “The goal therefore of Chemo Therapy is to STOP THE CLOCK for a time until a course of action that may be curative can be used.”

    What a bunch of crap. What curative action are you referring to prey tell dear richard.

  5. Colin

    I was wondering what was being sold..and lo and behold …. it’s a book.

  6. tsask

    excellent article and comments.
    Here is a recent true story:
    In April my coworker a 30y.o. male was diagnosed with state 4 colon cancer.
    He had just passed a local law enforcement physical and was in the best shape of his life. There was no indication of any problem when he took the exam earlier in the year. Since he was told his tumor/cancer was too advanced no surgery would be possible and began several heavy chemo sessions. By early June he was dead, shortly after a “chemo treatment”.
    He was born in 1980; which in his case meant he ate microwaved foods his entire life. He had a microwave in his office and would heat/cook his lunch.
    This guy did not smoke, drank very little, and had no illict drug use of any kind.

  7. Peace

    My son and my nephew both died from Chemo

  8. R

    You people are fools. Chemo cured MY Cancer (that before the chemo was growing at an alarming rate and was at Stage IV). Sure I felt ill during treatment and I lost my hair, but at least now I get to see my 28th birthday.

    My Cancer was causing me heart trouble and kidney trouble, both of which have gotten better since the Cancer was cured by chemo. I received NO other treatment and it sure as hell didn’t go away on its own.

    Your relatives all died from CANCER. Don’t be so god damned naive, these people are trying to sell you something!! Don’t fall for it.

    Chemo does not agree with everyone, but if a person is at high risk of being made more ill due to age or prior health issues doctors do not use chemo, don’t buy into this person’s bullshit.

  9. M

    Ru still alive?

  10. Terence

    The person who stated they had cancer and was cured by chemo does not surprise me…who told him he was cured? no doctor would say this to you especially right after having treatment or within a few years of having treatment. this person does not state what type of cancer they had. I would like to know since like cancer, with chemo there is no one type of chemo…with a very few cancers they do in fact appear to react to the effects of chemo…That is like saying since one drug helps with your head ache you should be able to use that drug to help with your sinus infection…does not compute…However, for the more common types of cancers like advanced breast cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancer, I suspect that the chemo hastens the persons demise by many months if not years. Yes, that is right…it quickens their demise not lengthens their life…I saw my mother go through the effects of strong chemo…the above writer mentions that the doctors would not do chemo on a old or sicken person…what total bullshit….I saw the doctor do just that with my mother who was over 70 years of age and he gave us trump up stats that this chemo would give her a 4% more chance of beating the cancer…total b.s. once again as my brother and I did the research we found that the study was flawed and the odds were 4% either way that the treatment worked or did not work…so much for studies…in fact the chemo gave her macular degeneration, clogging of the arteries, loss of feeling in her hands and feet, and several other health conditions that she did not have before..her immune system crashed and she had to be given very expensive drugs to improve her immunity…It seems to me with someone who has cancer, the last thing you want to do is drive down their immune system…but that is what they were doing…so she seem to have survived the breast cancer and the treatment, only to be told that she now has lung cancer…hmmm….seems to me that the chemo should have taken care of that since she was on it for so many months…If a doctor tells me or my loved one to go on chemo I would ask to see the studies on the drugs they want to use and the stats on survival in a fashion that I could understand. If they can’t, which I am sure they won’t be able to produce, ignore their mumble jumbo about how it is the treatment being used by everyone…so many people are dying from the treatment because they are so afraid of dying of cancer…the medical community is taking advantage of us to maintain thier lifestyle…that makes me really sad and also has woke me up to the truth that almost all cancer doctors ignore the first rule of medicine which is “first, do no harm”…

  11. Paul

    Sure, there’s a book listed at the end of the article – but it’s not even linked here (though it is on the original Natural News version). This site is not trying to sell a book by reproducing this article and, even if it was, a few measly dollars to help run a web site is nothing compared to the millions of dollars which the pharmaceutical companies make out of this whole cancer treatment thing.

    I was interested in the comment about fasting though – just taking in water and fruit juices sounds a whole lot better than chemo.

    If people read articles like this and still decide to go through with chemo, then good luck to them, but I wish more people who actually have that treatment could read articles like this.

    as in everything, DYOR

  12. stephanie

    My 47 year old partner died of 5FU poisoning this year. He was diagnosed with a tumor in the small bowel in May which doctors believed they had managed to remove surgically. Oncology prescribed a 6 month ‘belt and braces’ chemo as follow up treatment to avoid any recurrence. We were unaware that the side effects of 5FU can be fatal, especially if you are found to have an enzyme deficiency called DPD. Patients are not tested for this deficiency before being given this drug, and I found out that Rick had a complete deficiency while he was in critical care 2 weeks after his first dose. He died 8th August, 4 weeks after fisrt chemo treatment after suffering horrific side effects which slowly destroyed his body. He leaves 3 children ages 16, 14 and 3. I would urge anyone who is prescibed this drug to demand to be tested for DPD deficiency before consenting to treatment.

  13. frank

    what a bunch of bullshit…

    Where it says, “By contrast, the body can still cure itself, which it actually tries to do by developing cancer.”, exactly where and how you conclude this? where is the reference?

  14. frank

    And apparently, Mr. Moritz here is writing this article to sell his own book.

    Why should we, the public, listen to you, a random person and article with unverified identity and background, instead of hundreds and thousands of medical professionals in our society?

    This article is a crime to ppl with cancer looking for hope and strength.

  15. Food for thought. If a writer selling a book is enough reason NOT to believe what he is writing, then can we ever believe ANY doctor, whether medical or otherwise, who is essentially trying to sell you his or her treatment / surgery / drugs / herbs / etc?

  16. Hundreds of thousands of medical professionals worldwide, yes.. but, two points here.

    Firstly, the statistics (and I mean unbiased and unadulterated, if such a thing indeed exists) for chemo are truly woeful. If people who undergo chemo have a high survival and recovery rate, the high costs and suffering associated with this treatment would be less of an issue.

    Secondly, once we understand the politics of cancer, it becomes much clearer why so many apparently intelligent and well-meaning medical professionals are pushing and using such brutal treatments. The cancer industry is huge business, and the power and influence the pharmaceutical companies wield on hospitals, doctors, universities, researchers, and the entire medical field, cannot be underestimated nor understated.

  17. giovanni

    The disinformation about this disease has created confusion, anger and desperation among the sick and their relatives. On the contrary the right knowledge of the disease helps people face cancer without fear and prevents that they ask for help from unscrupulous people or look for impossible miracles that no human being can guarantee.
    Our organism is made of cells, and every cell forms a tissue with particular characteristics to fulfill the task it was programmed for. Cancer is caused by the electrochemical imbalance of a cell (it is commonly said that a cell “goes mad”) and it takes on the characteristics of the tissue in which it develops. We have discovered chemically how and why the cells degenerate causing cancer and the electrochemical imbalance of the cell. Our therapy (which is always effective) eliminates the cause and balances the biochemical system by activating the immune system. If the oncologist succeeds in destroying the tumor without compromising the biochemical system, recovery is possible and the organism won’t relapse. However, each case is linked to a correct surgical procedure and to an oncologist able to control the disease and apply the right strategy. I’ll give below a more detailed explanation about the Puccio therapy (Complimentary Reducing Anti-degenerative Puccio) and what you can do to save or improve the quality of life of you or your loved one.

    What is Puccio therapy? (Complimentary Reducing Anti-degenerative Puccio)

    In medicine a disease is curable if the mechanisms that generate it are known. A tumor is the final result of a pathologic chain that began years before. It is caused by the electrochemical “derangement” of the cell, due to the blockage of the cellular pumps which brings inevitably to cellular degeneration and to the growth of a neoplasia on the inflamed tissue. In order to cure this disease it is necessary to follow this strategy:

    Step1: Eliminate the element that caused the “derangement” of the biochemical system.

    Step2: Re-balance the biochemical system and activate the immune system (it is always possible to achieve this step with the Puccio therapy)

    Step 3 Eliminate or reduce the tumoral mass with the traditional therapies without destroying the mitochondrial system (we suggest surgery, hyperthermia or ultrasounds and CRM197). We prefer the immunological therapy with CRM197.

    If the immune system remains active after having eliminated the tumoral mass, there won’t be another relapse. If the neoplasia was eliminated using chemotherapy and the immune system wasn’t reactivated there will be a relapse even after many years, and the abrasions caused by the chemotherapy will be fertile ground for the disease to spread. If the Puccio Therapy is used after several chemo cycles we can only improve the quality of life of the patient and hope that the organism will heal from the damages caused to his mitochondrial system (the patients come to us when they are already bio-chemically burnt with third and fourth degree burns).

    If the patient desires to undergo radio and or chemotherapy our advice is to do first the DNA test, and then to use the Complimentary Reducing Anti-degenerative Puccio as a basic therapy

  18. Heyyall

    My mother almost died from the lungs filling up with cancerous fuild due to the spreading of the “silent killer” Ovarian caner, she was basically slowly drowning! It was a life or death situation–the fluid started buiding up and had to be drained twice during the first 2 weeks after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer, so we could either watch her die or get chemo immediately. We are happy she is still here, happy and healthy! It definitely bought more time with her husband of 41 years, children and grand-children. Even if it doesn’t cure, but extends life it is worth it! She was too young to die then–I’ll take a few more days, weeks, years with her if it means taking the meds. There are MANY people with cancer who have normal lives and go into remission then back on chemo for years, others have a great response and live many years and the docs say all the cancer cells were killed. God’s blessings to all cancer survivors and the doctors helping them. The drugs are only going to get better. There is HOPE! We can also know that everyone dies from something and at any time. We should have hope and faith that Jesus will reunite with us and our families in Heaven where there is no pain or mourning. An eternal love! Never give up!!!

  19. Dr. Sam Parthasarathy

    I am a reasonably cardiovascular scientist. When my wife had colon cancer, I started reading/researching cancer chemotherapy. Being a scientist, I believed in modern marvels of drug discovery and trusted that oncologists know what they are doing.
    My current opinion would shock my scientific colleagues:
    1. Despite billions spent on cancer research, research and patient care go in parallel paths and will never meet. isolated few drugs have very narrow scope and often wouldn’t work beyond one or two cycles.
    2. Oncologists have no clue of basic physiology; they are driven by clinical trials and conferences and meeting. Anyone can be an oncologist.
    3. The patient survival has little correlation to type/dosage/frequency of drugs. Often no intervention is compared to some other form of intervention.
    4. The oncologists have only a few drugs in their arsenal; they use in combination depending on “protocols” approved by their institutions.
    5. Oncologists are so narrow focussed in their speciality that they are poorly informed of anything else.
    6. They do quite a few analytical measurements and yet have limited capacity to digest information and make a suitable plan.
    7. If the patient lives, they take credit. If the patient succumbs, they blame the nature of the disease.
    8. Most side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs are unreported. Often they are blamed on the disease. Even when the side effects are severe, the doctors propose no alternatives and scare the patients that without that drug, te patient might get worse. very often, the patients put up with such side effects. If it is any other field, the FDA would put the drugs on hold in an instant.
    9. Radiologists who read the scans have little special knowledge other than locating anatomical structures. It is a voodoo science based on visual image analysis. Often they compare the previous image with the current one and try to note differences. The size of the tumors are measured using a virtual ruler on a side by side comparison.
    10. rarely the oncologists would mention total tumor burden as opposed to the number of tumor sites.
    11. If the tumor is “visible” and easily approachable by surgery, the surgeons would operate. In my opinion, surgery is far superior ro chemotherapy.

  20. Misty

    My sister has cancer it has spread so much that it is in her bladder her lungs her kidneys and now her bones and this all started with cancer in her ovaries she started taking chemo when she found out that she had cancer..Now my question is that if chemo shrunk the growth then why has it spread so rapidly???She is dieing and she has held on to the hope that chemo might rid the cancer,but as a result she is in and out of the hospital with multible side affects due to the chemo..her immune system has shut down and she has infections often she stays tierd all the time and she has lost most of her hair and still the cancer keeps spreading..Every one has a right to do as they will with there body’s if you belive that chemo will save your life then good luck,but it hasn’t helped my sister in fact it hasn’t helped at all…She doesn’t have to be put in the hospital because of her cancer but is in and out of the hospital because her immune system does not work due to chemo..I pray to god that i never get cancer,but if i do i will study up on my info first but my view point right now is that if i had cancer that is so far gone that i have a very slim chance of survival then i would much rather enjoy my time with my children for as long as i can the sad truth is that even if the chemo could give you and extra few months you would be so sick that you wouldn’t even be well enough to enjoy the little bit of time you had left..Chemo kills and it is a very misrable death& life for that matter.I would much rather give up a few short miserable months of life for a few less enjoyable months to have with my children.Because the fact is chemo is very bad on your body and the life you do have with chemo could not even be considered a life because it is a life of pain sickness misery and it is brutal and savage..Put all of that with the fact that chemo has never been proven to work…Lets just look at the fact Chemo has never been proven to work yet it has been proven to kill…

  21. nocancer

    Chemo does not work. Read the New England Journal of Medicine and it will tell you exactly what this article says.. The so called cure rate is something like 0.0000081 and it’s not worth it… Anyone who thinks they’re cured is either mistaken or had no cancer to begin with.

  22. Phil

    For those of you struggling with Cancer, look into the following:
    Liquid Zeolite
    Glyconuitrients (Dr Wheeler)
    M-Water (DR Wheeler)

    The problem as I understand it is the body is too acidic, you need to reduce the body’s acidity level, the PH balance. The water and some of the others will do that. Then you need to get the Toxins out, the Zeolite will do that with other benefits as well. Read up on them!

  23. Has anyone ever looked into integrated treatments? No one has mentioned it or the treatments they have available in Germany and Mexico. go to for mor info.

    • Ridwan

      i had hodgkins lyphmoma too, I just finished my chemo in the end of october.. and my hair is really short still it starting growing not so long ago and plus it’s growing super slow. I hope you feel better and the radiation goes well, I recommend biotin it’s a vitamin for hair growth and healthy skin and nails, the dermatalogist recommended it to me, age 20

  24. jhemingway

    chemo killed my husband.the tumor had responded well in 111B lung cancer but he died of sepsis and multiple organ failure due to chemo&radiation.

  25. Jessie Reeves

    I am 61 years old. When i get sick I go on a fast. I take NO drugs.(LIVE FOOD HEALS ) I am not selling nothing. These people that believe in drugs are not going to change. They eat garbage all day and they get cancer.Then some doctor is going to poison, burn,or cut you until you die. YOU CANT FIX STUPID

  26. Jessica

    I went in to have breast augmentation last Dec. 2011, and I had just had a questionable mammogram in Oct.So I asked my surgeon who performed the augmentation if he would closely look inside my breast while operating just to check and see if he saw lumps etc.Sure enough he found a lump which turned out to be cancer. It was very small. I had a bi-lateral mastectomy just 5 weeks ago. Feb. 22nd 2012. The cancer was in my right breast originally. After my mastectomy both my surgeons told me that They found only a very tiny bit of cancer cells left in the right breast. That it was non-invasive. My lymph nodes that were biopsied were all clear. I was told by the surgeons I was clear. I shouldn’t need any chemo etc. I went to see my oncologist last friday and she shocked me by telling me she wants me to undergo 6 rounds of chemo right away even though my lymph nodes were clear because I had her 2 positive cancer, and that is an agressive breast cancer. She told me I had a 30% chance of getting cancer again somewhere un my body and it would be a stage 2 to start. I told her if I’m cancer free healthy and they had clear margins, and no indication my cancer had spread I didn’t want to subject myself to poison that is chemo! I feel it would do my body harm and may very well be unnecessary! She said ” So, you’re refusing chemo, that is fine’ I’m not going to argue with you. The statistics say etc. not me.” She said ” So you want to live a quality short life instead of a long one”! I don’t know what to do. My body is stil trying to recover from my surgery. I still have to have another surgery in a few months to complete my reconstruction of my breasts which they also started the day I had my mastectomy. I was in surgery for 6 hours for both procedures etc. Please help me! My gut is saying don’t do chemo! I feel I will cause permanent damage to my body. I’m sensitive to drugs. I’m allergic to Penicillin, and I had a bad reaction to my antibotics. I think this doctor is trying to put me through hell, and will damage my body. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you in advance for responding .

    • Amy


      I am sorry that I am just reading this now and not when you posted it about a year ago. I hope and pray that you are okay and your body is healthy. If you want a different insight into cancer etc…please order a free trial of and watch a movie called, “A Beautiful Truth”, “Forks over Knives”, and “The Gersen Miracle”. Our bodies are starved from good healthy organic nutrition in order to keep our Cells healthy. I have a friend that has been an Emergency room nurse for over 30 years and she contracted stage 2 breast cancer….she did the radiation & chemo “against her gut feeling”…nad the Chemo made her very sick. She had to stop because it was throwing her into congestive heart failure. They removed both of her breasts prior to the chemo & radiation…….and said that the chemo was going to kill any other cancer cells in her body etc…well nearly 18 months after treatment and her hair growing back and her body out of the congestive heart failure, she went back for a 18mo or 2 year check-up and they found two spots on her lung and one spot on her liver. Needless to say, she was devistated….Why did her cancer come back? she asked…Well then she watched those movies above and then continued research…and she found a clinic in Flordia and they are doing many wonderful things their. She said her weekly blood work is great and the treatments and nutritional RE-Education is second to none. She is in her final 6 week program and they are going to do a pet scan in about 3 months. However, she feels better now than she has felt in over 20 years due to all the alternative therapy. In her minds eye…she feels cancer free. I too agree that “big pharma” and the so called American Cancer Association keep getting their money rolling in….pink ribbon this walk for cancer that…and yet, they are not helping. I think at this stage their is so much money and so many industries that would be affected if there was a cure…that it would be supressed….solely on the grounds of $$$$$. I just am praying that you are okay.

  27. Alli

    Dear Jessica,

    Please go with your gut. You know instinctively what is right for your body. My mother is at home right now dying of the effects of chemotherapy. When she was diagnosed she wasn’t feeling poorly. Since chemo, her quality of life has been zero. She goes from one infection or fever to another and has no energy or will to do any of the fun things she thought chemo would allow her the time to do. She lives 4 houses away and yet doesn’t get to do things with her grandchildren. We even took her to the Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom, strategically planning it for when she would be the furthest away from her treatment. She had always wanted to go and she didn’t last an hour and a half before having to go home feeling ill. When we first received the diagnosis, I begged her to consider all options. I even asked the doctor what things our family could do nutritionally to help her therapy. He looked at me as if I was from Mars. But he did be sure to say that she couldn’t eat grapefruit – not because it would irritate her mouth (which is what I thought) but because grapefruit naturally recognizes the chemo as a “poison” (his word, not mine) and interferes with its action. I think I’d rather eat grapefruit than take chemo anyday! She has been taking chemotherapy every other week for going on a year now. Even when they said they could no longer see the tumor and we asked if she could stop or taper off, they insisted she keep going and said she would have to take chemo for the rest of her life. Why? Because they make a butt-load of money everytime she has one and my parents have good insurance. Unfortunately, the medical business is this country is all about money. Please know that there are so many out here supporting your choice for the treatment of your body. I only wished my mother had questioned as well; instead, she will miss her only grand-daughter’s 3rd birthday tomorrow because she is 4 houses away horribly sick. Tomorrow she will also not be able to enjoy my brother’s homecoming from the Air Force. He is her only son and I, her only daughter. My son and daughter are her only grandchildren. It just so terribly sad. I wish she could have enjoyed the rest of her life. PS – No one can tell you when and how you will die. Life is precious and can be gone in a moment so live every one to its fullest. Peace and health to you.

  28. Peaches

    My father was just told he has to undergo Chemo for Mestastisis of Prostate Cancer: it’s spread to his left femur and sacrum. I’m not sure what happened. I prayed all night and all week for his healing, but it seems God works in mysterious ways. People have a time to die. My father’s cancer has not improved and Chemo is the next treatment in line. it seems the drug companies are controlling this. Pharma, that is. Pharma is making the doctors prescribe the Chemo before the more effective immunotherapy treatments are administered. It seems like Chemo would be a death sentence for a 75 year old man. How could his body handle the side effects? the shutting down of the immune system? I am so shocked. But I can don nothing. My father believes everything the doctor tells him and he will go through with the Chemo. Unless a miralce happens. I think everyone deserves the more effective treatments out there that the drug companies are barring us from. Money speaks, and Pharma pays the FDA a hefty fee to have their Chemo drugs used first, over the more effective new immuntherapies that are amazing and worth a try. It incenses me how powerful Pharma is. I would never wish to be a doctor and to know that you are poisoning people with your treatments that you are forced to prescribe by the pharmaceutical companies.

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