Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Healing – Summary and Introduction to

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Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Healing – Summary and Introduction to

Dear reader,

Welcome to

You probably found this website either because you are battling cancer, you know someone who is fighting the disease, or you just want to learn more about this condition.

I am the webmaster of this website, and cancer is a topic which is very close to my heart, both from an academic perspective and an emotional one.

By putting this website together, I strive to bring you news and information on cancer, whether in preventing the disease or reversing the condition. I include scientific studies, doctors’ experiences, people’s stories, articles from various writers, information from books, and more.

Reverse cancer? Yes, I firmly believe that the human body has the miraculous ability to heal itself of ANY health condition, provided it is given the necessary ingredients for good health (nutrition, detoxification, exercise, etc) and that there is still sufficient time for action (i.e. one is not hours or days away from death).

Neither I nor this site is here to tell you what to do to beat cancer. I am in no position to do so. In fact, no one is. Profiling carried out on cancer survivors have found that they often have one trait – they take responsibility for their own healing and recovery (as supposed to leaving it totally in the hands of a doctor or clinician), and they often exhibit a willingness to try different approaches to win the battle, sometimes even simultaneously at the same time.

This website is very much still in its infancy, and is still very far from the end state which I envision it to be. Other commitments greatly limit the time I have to spend on it. I haven’t published any new information in a while, and there is just so much more important information to add here.

As a quick summary, there are some important points I wish to make.

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