Link Found Between Allergies and Lower Cancer Risk

Sep 2, 2009 by

Physical symptoms like runny nose and fever can be very uncomfortable, and most people just want to get rid of them as quickly as...

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Olives May Have Anti-Cancer Effects

Jun 3, 2009 by

Olives and olive oil are often touted as healthful foods. In the following article, two studies highlighting the possible anti cancer...

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Overeating Linked to Cancer

Mar 17, 2009 by

Since time memorial, fasting has been advocated as a means of cleansing – both physically as well as spiritually. Even today,...

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Colonoscopies Do NOT Prevent Colon Cancer

Jan 14, 2009 by

I have been seeing some stories lately about how colonoscopy is only effective for detecting cancer in the left side of the colon...

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Smoking Raises Colorectal Cancer Risk

Jan 13, 2009 by

A study carried out in Italy has revealed that smoking increases the risk of getting colorectal cancer by about 18%, as well as of...

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Exercise and Physical Activity Lowers Risk of Colon and Rectal Cancers

Dec 30, 2008 by

Exercise is critical for good health. A study published in the November issue of Cancer Causes and Control has indicated that exercise...

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More Physical Activity Means Less Cancer Risk

Dec 28, 2008 by

Yet another study has linked the level of physical activity in one’s life with one’s risk of getting cancer. Not unexpectedly,...

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Study Suggests Vitamin D Improves Survival From Colorectal Cancer

Nov 23, 2008 by

by Reuben Chow first published on A study led by Kimmie Ng, M.D., M.P.H., of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has...

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