Eating Beans and Potatoes May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

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Eating Beans and Potatoes May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

A pre-clinical study conducted by researchers from the Colorado State University has suggested that eating potatoes and beans regularly could help lower the risk of getting breast cancer.

The study will later move on into a clinical trial involving breast cancer survivors.

The research team had introduced a carcinogenic substance into the mammary glands of rats and, in separate studies, then fed them different types of beans or potatoes daily. The control group of rats did not ingest beans or potatoes.

The exercise was repeated three times, with the study team collecting information on cancer occurrence, tumor mass as well as the multiplicity of tumors.

It was found that, the more beans or potatoes eaten, the less frequent the occurrence of cancerous tumors. While some varieties of beans and potatoes seemed to offer more protection, all types of beans were better at cancer prevention, as compared to not eating any beans at all.

In time to come, the findings of this study could help produce breast cancer preventative diet plans for women, either to avoid the disease or to lower the chances of reoccurrence.

“Right now we don’t have any guidelines for women after they have had breast cancer. You heard from your doctors or oncologists that they don’t really know what to tell people what to eat except to eat a variety of foods,” said Elizabeth Ryan, an assistant professor in the University’s Cancer Prevention Laboratory.

That’s the sad truth – medical doctors and oncologists know next to nothing about health, nutrition and diets. It is not just natural, but brutally obvious, that nutrition should be the main pillar of fighting cancer, whether in prevention or treatment.

But while the study team does not know exactly how beans help to reduce cancer risk, that is not the main point here, and the findings of this study will still help to bring the message of nutrition across to people.

“What you eat has a significant impact on health. There is a segment of society that understand the role of food in health, but that’s probably not true everywhere. You need specific data to bring more attention to health,” said Mark Brick, a professor in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences.

Brick summed up the findings of this study well when he said, “All beans are good for you.”

Source: Eating Beans and Potatoes May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer at All 4 Natural Health News

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