Breast Cancer Risk May Be Increased By Moisturizers Which Contain Oestrogens

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Breast Cancer Risk May Be Increased By Moisturizers Which Contain Oestrogens

Breast cancer patients who use moisturizers, please take note – you may be putting oestrogen into your bodies without even realizing it. In fact, ladies who do not have the disease should take note too.

Dr Adrienne Olson of Breastlink in Hawthorne, California, had analyzed 16 widely available moisturizers and found that, although none of the creams actually stated the presence of any oestrogen content in their ingredients list, 6 of them in fact contained estriol or estrone.

According to Dr Olson, who is herself a breast cancer survivor, oestrogens applied to one’s skin are more readily absorbed by the body then orally-ingested oestrogens.

Women with breast cancer which is driven by oestrogen, or oestrogen-receptor positive breast cancer, should thus try to avoid topically applied oestrogen, in order to reduce the likelihood of cancer relapse, she urged.

And this piece of advice also applies to women who do not suffer from breast cancer. By applying oestrogen-containing moisturizers on their skin on a daily basis, they would be unwittingly dosing themselves with the chemical for an extended period of time, increasing their risk of breast cancer in the process.

Source: Moisturizers Found to Contain Oestrogens; Would Raise Breast Cancer Risk at All 4 Natural Health News

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