Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

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Woman Beats Breast Cancer Using Healing Diet and Plan from Solomon Wickey

Many people diagnosed with cancer have walked away from conventional cancer treatment, sought out “alternatives” and gotten well. This is a story of a lady from Indiana who got breast cancer, found an alternative protocol, followed it, and got well.

The protocol she followed was largely dietary and herbal in nature. But it also entailed other very crucial elements, such as positive mental outlook, strong faith, and dealing with emotional issues. This article details her story, as well as the plan she used to get well.

By Elohim’s Grace

By Marilyn Brent from Indiana, US
reproduced with permission from the author

Isaiah 42:16 “And I will bring the blind by a way [that] they knew not; I will lead them in paths [that] they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.”

The nurse was petite, with short, dark-blonde hair, and a ruddy complexion. Quietly, she was reading from the Bible in her lap, my biopsy report in her other hand. The verse was a new one to me, and it caught me by surprise. Whatever did it mean for me, right now?

Then, she spoke, softly. “The test came back. You have cancer.”

The words fell on my ears like sharp stabbing icicles plunging from a roof. Lord, have mercy! I, not someone else, had cancer. It had taken my sister from me twenty-three years previously. Now, it was my turn. Or, was it? I woke up the next few mornings hoping it was a bad dream. Surely, I would realize any moment, it wasn’t real, just a bad nightmare. I would laugh deprecatingly: what a silly goose!

A month before, I had seen a death angel. He came to me in a dream, when my heart beat irregularly, as I lay on my back. His beautiful, curly black hair graced his head and shoulders. However, his white robe had a tarnished glory, the color of pewter silver in the folds. He wanted me to go away with him. No, I thought, I’m not going, that’s crazy. I’ll just lie on my side, and everything will be okay. I turned over to my left side, returning to sleep. My heart beat even more irregularly, and I saw him again. This time, his desire that I go with him was a lot stronger! No! I said emphatically within myself. I will not go! This time, he did not return

Now, I was facing death, again. The cancer death angel…a 9mm invasive tumor. Stage 2 and 3, as described by a doctor, later, in ordering a blood test. What did all those terms mean? Infiltrating ductal carcinoma…ductal carcinoma in situ…cribriform type. And what about all that grade one and grade two terminology? Would anyone explain that to me?

One morning soon afterward, I lay there on the futon, having my daily preamble with the Lord. Suddenly, across the room from me, my eyes beheld Him, my glorious Savior, in a shining, glory-filled white robe. His face and hands weren’t visible to me, just the glory of Him, with enormous love and compassion directed right to me.

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  1. cathy ray

    you DO NOT send $10.00 in the letter. you have to write because he is amish,(no phone),to make an appointment, i always send a self return stamped envelope for him, you letter will be returned with answer/appointment on it. he does not and will not accept money, he says not to thank him to thank god. he is a faith healer who uses different natural methods to figure the problem and to “release it”. if he sends you an herb, you only have to cover it and shipping, i once got a 6 month supply and the total c.o.d. owed was $6.75 (herb and shipping cost)

  2. Amy R

    I am in need of Mr. Hickey’s address as I am once again facing stage IV breast cancer. How can I find his address?

  3. Heather Lynne Zenz

    Solomon wWickey address is
    6308 County Road 43
    Auburn, Indiana 46706

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