The Dangers and Futility of Mammograms

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The Dangers and Futility of Mammograms

Mammograms help detect breast cancer early, thereby increasing the chances of cure or recovery, right?

Well, that’s what the conventional medical establishment would have you believe. I do not buy it – not one bit. It’s all a financial exercise. Read on about how mammograms not only do not help you, but in fact are doing more harm than good.

Women Remain Uninformed about the Hazards of Mammograms

by Barbara Minton

(NaturalNews) It takes a long wait to get a mammogram these days, sometimes up to a month. The waiting rooms are jammed despite the opening of new mammography centers. It is clear that more women than ever are operating under the delusion that mammograms reduce the risk of death from breast cancer, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that radiation causes all types of cancer including that of the breast. The more radiation a woman receives in her lifetime, whether it is during a dental exam, at an airport, or during her yearly mammogram, the more likely it is that she will develop breast cancer. In fact, the spiraling rates of breast cancer seen in the last 25 years may be directly tied to the increased use of mammography.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) began to encourage the use of mammography in the early 1980’s. Mammography fit right in with their financial objectives and even the advertising rhetoric at the time that urged “a checkup and a check”. For the past 25 years, women have paid the price for compliance to a cancer industry that failed to have their best interests at heart.

The harmful effects of radiation and mammograms have been known for decades

In 1974, while mammography was in its infancy, the National Cancer Institute was warned by Professor Malcolm C. Pike at the University of Southern California School of Medicine that a number of specialists had concluded that “giving a women under age 50 a mammogram on a routine basis was close to unethical”. This warning was ignored.

Also in the 1970’s, the Director of Biostatistics at Rosewell Park Memorial Institute for Cancer Research, Dr. Irwin Bross, headed a study involving data from 16 million people. This ground breaking study found that the main cause of the rising rates of leukemia was medical radiation in the form of diagnostic medical X-rays. Applying his findings to the breast cancer screening program, Dr. Bross later elaborated that “women should have been given the information about the hazards of radiation at the same time they were given the sales talk for mammography.”

In the early 1980’s as the mammogram began to be rolled out to women across the country in the face of this research, the NCI and ACS jointly urged annual breast X-rays for women under age 50. Doctors assumed there was good evidence supporting the recommendations and enthusiastically ordered mammograms for all their female patients, even though they should have know better.

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