Thermograms – A Safer Alternative To Mammograms

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Thermograms – A Safer Alternative To Mammograms

There’s science behind this process

Normal tissue that is non-cancerous has a blood supply under the control of the autonomic nervous system. This system can either increase or decrease blood flow to cells. However, abnormal tissue indicating cancer or pre-cancer ensures its own survival by secreting chemicals that override the autonomic nervous system regulation, thereby creating its own steady blood supply. Cancers can be thought of as off the power grid of the body.

When a woman’s hands are placed in cold water, an autonomic nervous system reflex occurs in the breasts. This reflex causes the blood vessels in non-cancerous tissue to constrict, but does not result in constriction of blood vessels supplying any cancerous growth. The resulting difference in blood flow can result in cancer showing up as ‘hot spots’ on thermograms.

A study reported in the American Journal of Surgery, October edition, included 92 women who had undergone a breast biopsy based on prior mammogram or ultrasound results. 60 of the biopsies were malignant, and 34 were benign (two of the women had two biopsies). These women were then given thermograms. Results indicted the thermograms identified 58 of the 60 malignancies for a sensitivity rate of 97%.

Another study reported in the May-June edition of the Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, reported a study of 15 women with palpable breast cancers who were preoperatively thermogrammed with three different infrared cameras – micro bolometer, quantum well, and photo voltaic – to compare the ability of these cameras to differentiate breast cancer from normal tissue. The quantum well and the photo voltaic cameras demonstrated the frequency difference between normal and cancerous breast tissue, with the photo voltaic camera displaying the greater clarity. The researchers reported that with selected image processing operations, more detailed frequency analyses could be applied to any suspicious area.

What goes on during a breast thermogram

Thermograms are taken at thermography centers. The woman disrobes above the waist and acclimates to room temperature for ten minutes after which the first of two series of images of the breasts is taken. Then the woman places her hands in cold water for one minute, after which the second set of images is taken. The images are evaluated by thermologists using signs and criteria established by the American Academy of Thermology to interpret thermogram data.

Breast thermograms do not diagnose breast cancer. They simply detect physiological changes in breast tissue that have been shown to correlate with the presence of cancer or pre-cancerous states as do mammograms. Breast cancer is only diagnosed by pathologist’s microscopic examination of breast tissue.

Thermography centers have been around for several years in most major cities. They are definitely the wave of the future for early breast cancer detection. Amazingly, most traditional physicians don’t know anything about them and continue to recommend mammograms.

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  1. rocio

    Do you know if THERMOGRAMS are available in México?

  2. Since 2006 breast thermography is available in Mexico at CEPREC, a non for profit organization based in Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico. CEPREC has been evaluating thermography as breast cancer screening. CEPREC´s experience has been published in abstract form in the Journal of Clinical Oncology

    and in the journal US Radiology, 2010 Number 2

    You can visit our website at

    Best regards
    Francisco Gutierrez-Delgado, MD,PhD

  3. Alan Turner

    A recent article appeared in the Health Style section of the 05/13/10 issue of the Baltimore Sun newspaper–Karen Ravn’s article–”Beyond the Mammogram”–special to the Tribune Newspapers.

    No mention of Thermograms is made albeit 5 other alternatives were discussed. What is going on?????

  4. Brenda Reichow

    I just don’t understand why thermograms are not used in most medical establishments nowadys. They are considered to be accurate and so much more safer than having a mammogram – but our society just will not accept them into our medical institutions. I feel like we are backwards in our thinking process. Why would anyone want to be exposed to any radiation for health screening? We need to have a better mind-set on how to regulate our screening procedures in detecting cancer in our bodies to begin with.


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