Thermograms – A Safer Alternative To Mammograms

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Thermograms – A Safer Alternative To Mammograms

Positive results suggest the need for further evaluation

Although a breast thermogram is a much safer form of screening that a mammogram, it too is just a screening. A thermogram evaluation yields a score ranging from 1 to 5. A rating of 1 implies no detectable thermal abnormalities, while a ranking of 5 suggests thermal abnormalities correlating with very significant risk for breast cancer. Positive results on a thermogram suggest the need for further evaluation as do positive results from a mammogram.

Early thermal abnormalities may result in a recommendation to repeat the process in 60-120 days. Depending on the rating score and clinical findings, a referral may be made for targeted ultrasound or to a breast specialist for possible biopsy. At this point, any practitioner so trained may recommend nutritional, metabolic, environmental, or lifestyle interventions to address the thermal abnormalities.

Many providers of thermograms accept self-referrals as well as referrals from healthcare practitioners. However, they are not as readily covered by insurance, in keeping with the trend in the insurance industry to cover toxic treatments but not procedures geared to keeping us healthy.

A recent study suggested that many breast lumps disappear on their own

Scientists who completed a recent study on the effects of mammograms concluded that some of the cancers detected could spontaneously regress if they were not discovered and treated. This conclusion appeals to common sense, because we know one of the basic principals of function in the body is constant striving to heal and restore homeostasis.

The disease establishment wants us to devote time and energy in a continuous search for breast lumps. We are told to examine ourselves every morning, and get as many mammograms as we can. After all, the sooner we can find the tiniest lump, the sooner we can be herded into the great cancer machine, and more money will be available to feed that machine. Yet when we are finally spit out the other end of that machine we are often ruined and unable to ever regain our health. Women have been turned into recruitment agents for this machine. We have been programmed to the point that many women never go a day without worrying about breast cancer.

As a people we tend to have limits to our physical, mental, emotional and psychological resources. How we direct these resources is our choice. We can spend our resources taking tests, examining ourselves for lumps and worrying. Or we can spend our time and resources raising our health status to the level where breast cancer becomes a non-issue.

Sources of information about thermograms:

“Breast Thermography”, Great Smokies Medical Center.

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  1. rocio

    Do you know if THERMOGRAMS are available in México?

  2. Since 2006 breast thermography is available in Mexico at CEPREC, a non for profit organization based in Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico. CEPREC has been evaluating thermography as breast cancer screening. CEPREC´s experience has been published in abstract form in the Journal of Clinical Oncology

    and in the journal US Radiology, 2010 Number 2

    You can visit our website at

    Best regards
    Francisco Gutierrez-Delgado, MD,PhD

  3. Alan Turner

    A recent article appeared in the Health Style section of the 05/13/10 issue of the Baltimore Sun newspaper–Karen Ravn’s article–”Beyond the Mammogram”–special to the Tribune Newspapers.

    No mention of Thermograms is made albeit 5 other alternatives were discussed. What is going on?????

  4. Brenda Reichow

    I just don’t understand why thermograms are not used in most medical establishments nowadys. They are considered to be accurate and so much more safer than having a mammogram – but our society just will not accept them into our medical institutions. I feel like we are backwards in our thinking process. Why would anyone want to be exposed to any radiation for health screening? We need to have a better mind-set on how to regulate our screening procedures in detecting cancer in our bodies to begin with.


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