Vegetables and Fruits May Help Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence

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Vegetables and Fruits May Help Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence

Hot Flashes, Estrogen and Breast Cancer

What is the significance here of hot flashes? After undergoing conventional breast cancer treatment, women who experienced hot flashes had been found to have lower levels of estrogen as compared to those who did not. And the reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence revealed by the study only applied to women who did not get hot flashes after their bout of conventional cancer therapy.

Now, estrogen is known to be an important factor in the most common kind of breast cancer. Put together, all this information implies that consuming additional servings of fruits and vegetables, much more than the government’s suggested dose, could help in lowering the levels of estrogen in breast cancer survivors, thereby putting a lid on the possibility of relapse.

This distinguishing factor could help explain why, among previously conducted studies, some showed that increased fruit and vegetable intake could lower the risk of breast cancer relapse, while others did not come to the same conclusion.

“It appears that a dietary pattern high in fruits, vegetables and fiber, which has been shown to reduce circulating estrogen levels, may only be important among women with circulating estrogen levels above a certain threshold,” said John Pierce from the University of California San Diego.


In battling breast cancer, whether in prevention, recovery or warding off a relapse, there are many important strategies which one could adopt. On top of eating healthful plant foods, other recent studies have surfaced some of them. These include being happy and having optimistic attitudes, carrying out regular vigorous exercise, having sufficient amounts of sleep , and being in a happy marriage . In reality, these are steps which are useful not just in defeating breast cancer, but in promoting overall good health as well.


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