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RPS Previews Europa Universalis IV

RPS Previews Europa Universalis IV

Preview - posted by IDtenT on Wed 20 February 2013, 14:14:22

Tags: Europa Universalis IV; Paradox Interactive; Rock Paper Shotgun

Adam Smith over at Rock Paper Shotgun got to play with Venice in a multi-player preview version of Europa Universalis IV. The choice of Venice seems to mostly be about the new republic and trade mechanics, which I always felt was a bit lack-lustre in the previous incarnation of this flagship project.

Blame it on the panic of running in real-time in a multiplayer environment without the convenience of pausing every ten seconds. Lombardy had allies and rather than popping a sword into the hands of our gold-laden merchants and sending them to war, we had recruited mercenaries. Lots of them. This meant that even though our trade network was as intricate as Ariadne‚Äôs thread, we were spending faster than the ships came in. To make matters worse, the mercenaries were losing, dying in their droves. We figured they were probably Lombardians anyway, so in a way we were winning. Certainly not the moral high ground, but at least no Venetians were dead. Yet.​

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