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Double Fine’s next Kickstarter game is Massive Chalice

Double Fine’s next Kickstarter game is Massive Chalice

Game News - posted by Trash on Thu 30 May 2013, 18:33:04

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Double Fine’s next Kickstarter game is Massive Chalice

Double Fine is seeking funding for a new tactical fantasy game called Massive Chalice through Kickstarter.

Studio veteran Brad Muir is the project lead, and will be heading up Kickstarter campaign. He is the creator of tower defence mech shooter Iron Brigade, and served as programmer on Psychonauts and a designer on Brütal Legend. He describes Massive Chalice as “A tactical fantasy game set on a thing we call the epic timeline,” he tells us. “So the players will be taking the role of this immortal king that’s defending this kingdom against an invading demon army, so you’re gonna have the game split into two halves.”

“You’ll have a strategic side where you’ll be managing the realm and making a bunch of decisions from an overhead map, and then there will be a tactical side, the other half of the game, where you’re manoeuvring around a bunch of heroes on this smaller-scale tactical map, fighting demons.”

“The big twist is the epic timeline – this battle against the demons is going to last hundreds of years, so as the king you’ll have to make some really hard decisions with your heroes because they’re going to age over time. And so when your speeding up that flow of time on the strategic map, kinda like in XCOM, the heroes will age and the event will be very spaced out – the demonic attacks will be spaced five or ten years apart.”

Muir cites XCOM, Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem as the main inspirations for the new game. The studio is aiming to release the game on PC, Mac and Linux – other platforms are not planned yet, but remain a possibility – “maybe down the line we’ll see how it goes,” said Muir when questioned.

There’s more detail on Double Fine’s Kickstarter page.

Thanks to Infinitron for this one!

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