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Age of Wonders III dev journal goes into battlefields

Age of Wonders III dev journal goes into battlefields

Development Info - posted by Trash on Sun 9 June 2013, 09:13:34

Tags: Age of Wonders III; Triumph Studios

The latest development journal for Age of Wonders III goes into detail on how Triumph Studios is visualising the battlefields.

For each location on the world map there is a corresponding Tactical battle map. There are a lot of combinations that can make up a location:
There are 5 unique climates: Temperate, Arctic, Blighted, Tropical and Subterranean. Each of these climates are made up out of a variation of terrain types: Fertile, Barren, Forests, Mountains and Swamps.

On top of these climates you have a large amount of structures like Nodes, Mines, Treasure/Visit sites and of course cities for each of the races. These range from small outposts to a large cities, with various upgrades including city walls.

To deal with all these variables and to create unique, great looking maps, we decided to develop a partially procedurally generated system. This enables us to create tactical maps with thousands of variations and an enormous variety.

The Maps are a combination of hand work, asset swapping, procedural algorithms and modular building sets. Level designers are able to pinpoint what obstacles will spawn and in which area. When entering the battlefield a random seed is generated to make the gameplay area unique but still controlled and in the proper setting. Assets are swapped across climes in order to reduce the amount of handwork in creating maps.​

Nice to see they seem to put as much effort into those as in the first game. I'm still amazed when playing the original just how many different battlefields there are. Literally every strategic maptile seemed to have a corresponding battlefield. Nice.

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