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List of Atari assets sold revealed

List of Atari assets sold revealed

Company News - posted by Whisky on Sun 21 July 2013, 16:56:48

Tags: Activision; Atari; Star Control; Stardock; Toys for Bob;


A list of companies that have purchased assets from Atari have been revealed.

It would appear that we were wrong about MOO getting sold to Stardock, instead Wargaming World has gotten a hold of it.

Stardock managed to get Star Control, though it should be noted that Toys for Bob (And thus, Activision) still own the rights to the aliens and characters in the games. So Stardock will need their permission to make a sequel, unless they change all of the aliens.

Most interesting would be the runner up for Star Control: On the Go Technology is a mortgage program developer.

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