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Midget libertarians are stealing our resources!

Midget libertarians are stealing our resources!

Game News - posted by Trash on Sat 3 August 2013, 15:47:35

Tags: Completely Fair Games; Dwarfcorp; Kickstarter

The kickstarter for Dwarfcorp is doing well and why shouldn't it? It's a simulation game focusing on getting a bunch of ruthless capitalist dwarves get rich on the earth's minerals. Yet another Dwarf Fortress clone you say? Perhaps, but at least this one has a graphical UI from the start. Check out their Kickstarter here, an update with some actual pre-alpha gameplay footage here and an interesting forum thread about it here.

As Karl Marx once said, "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to toiling for the Bourgeoisie we go!" DwarfCorp is a comedic fantasy real-time strategy game in which you lead a colony of ruthless capitalist Dwarves to discover new lands, and exploit them for profit!

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