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Incognita Alpha - New Update & Dev Q&A

Incognita Alpha - New Update & Dev Q&A

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 10 October 2013, 15:10:26

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Latest Klei press release brings us the alpha update details and links to the new developer Q&A video:

New Developer Q&A Live Stream

We'll be doing regular live streams through the Klei Entertainment channel. If you missed this Monday's stream, you can watch the replay in our past broadcasts section.

Next week, join Incognita designers Jason Dreger and James Lantz Monday at 11:00am PDT for the next update.

New Incognita Alpha Update Details

The biggest element with this update is the start of the improvable agent skills. Each class has one skill now that can be improved during the game.

There is also a new security system that can be found in the levels. If your agent's sound ring crosses a "sound bug" it will raise the alarm and alert nearby guards similar to a camera. Hijacking a sound bug will allow you to hear what it does.

The wall rendering has been modified slightly. It's one of our steps to improving visibility of the levels.

We have been iterating on the information provided by the agent hud a fair amount. It will have a lot of temporary art until we reach a level of information and interaction we are satisfied with.

A team preview screen has been inserted after you start a new game. You can preview your starting agents and, in the future, choose between different teams.

We have also added a "color blind" setting to the options menu. They have not been thoroughly tested, so we would love to hear some feedback on it.

And lastly, player's agents will talk now similar to guards.

If you'd like to discuss the latest update, head over to the update thread on the Klei community forum.​

You can preorder Incognita from the official website.

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