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Total War: Attila Celtic Faction Pack announced

Total War: Attila Celtic Faction Pack announced

Game News - posted by Whisky on Wed 18 March 2015, 14:32:14

Tags: Creative Assembly; DLC; Sega; Total War: Attila

Not long after the release of Total War: Attila, Creative Assembly has announced a faction pack. The Celt faction pack, as it suggests, adds Celtic factions and adds new features for them.

Playable for the first time in ATTILA, the Celtic tribes of the Ebdanians, Caledonians and Picts specialise in swift and deadly warfare. Every unit in the Celtic roster has the Guerrilla Deployment trait, enabling them to deploy almost anywhere on the battlefield – even behind enemy lines.

The Celts are a raiding, looting and sacking based culture type. Each faction benefits from its own unique traits, but all share Celtic cultural traits that vastly increase their income from these activities. An all-new Celtic roster is available for recruitment, alongside new units unique to each faction.

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