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Chaos Reborn Early Access 0.26 Update

Chaos Reborn Early Access 0.26 Update

Game News - posted by Whisky on Tue 7 April 2015, 14:39:45

Tags: Chaos Reborn; Kickstarter; Steam Early Access

Chaos Reborn has had an Early Access update. The update adds the following features:

  • Choose your initial wizard character with initial staff and bodygear
  • Level up your wizard, staffs and bodygear to level 33
  • Unlock talisman slots as you level up your equipment
  • Plug talismans into your equipment to gain special powers
  • Seven different types of talisman allowing you to bind spells to your deck, buff creatures, gain mana, buff your wizard and transform entities
  • Earn gold from battles and buy items from the shop
  • Monthly league competition seasons provide opportunities to earn lots of gold and win medals

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