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Absalom previews an early build of Race to Mars

Absalom previews an early build of Race to Mars

Preview - posted by Trash on Tue 23 July 2013, 20:46:12

Tags: Intermarum; Kickstarter; Race to Mars

Race to Mars is a kickstarter project for a turn-based space management sim that shows a lot of promise. With only 3 days left and 20,000 English pounds to go, it may not come to fruition. Which is a real shame, since it has all the trappings of a deep, complex and fun game.


Unlike most management games, Race to Mars put you in the role of director of a space agency. To make this different from Buzz Aldrin's line of Space Agency management sims, you are the director of a commercial space agency such as SpaceX. Not only do you intend to go where no man has gone before, you want to make a profit while doing so. While still an early alpha (which I got my grubby hands on), the list of features and core game play show a lot of promise. An absolutely huge tech tree, personal management that goes beyond you just managing astronauts, lots of custom options for your launch assembly and all sorts of administrative options. You can even greatly expand the original facility you start with. Suffice to say, there's a lot that can happen between your failure as a director and you landing a man on Mars.


It's very much a very early work in progress and while not all features are evident and being an alpha some things don't make sense/clunky/unplayable, from what I have seen, Race to Mars is well worth clicking a link if you're a fan of realistic space exploration or management sims. The project seems very ambitious and has lots of options for you to take the early steps towards the stars. Did I mention it's Polish? Hopefully the Kickstarter makes it but even if it doesn't the game looks more than promising enough that I hope they'll find a way of making it.

For BARIS fans, one new thing you can do in Race to Mars is launch from the sea.

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